Celebrity Fueds

Demi Lovato to Fro-Yo Shop, 'You Don't Wanna Mess with Me'

[ad_1] Demi Lovato isn't backing down in her diet food war with a frozen yogurt shop -- she's now warning the store about messing with her ... but also walking back her comments a bit, saying she was having a really bad day. The singer continued going… Permalink [ad_2] Source
Celebrity Fueds

TikTok Stars Jaden Hossler, Nessa Barrett Play Coy on Night Out

[ad_1] TikTok stars Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett are still denying there's anything going on between them ... but it sure looks and sounds like there's something brewing. We got Jaden and Nessa Monday night at The Nice Guy ... a significant sighting… Permalink [ad_2] Source link

Bad Bunny Shocks WWE Crowd in Impressive WrestleMania Debut

Dr. Dre Denies Estranged Wife's Abuse Claims, Says It's A Money Grab


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Snuggle Up on Beach Dates

[ad_1] Travis Barker's using Kourtney Kardashian as his sunblock ... snuggling up with his GF for some serious PDA in the sand. Kourtney and Travis have been hitting up a beautiful section of Laguna Beach the past 2 days, and they've been all over each… [ad_2] Source link

Patrick Mahomes Says He Got COVID Vaccine To Protect Newborn Daughter

[ad_1] Patrick Mahomes says he's fully vaccinated ... telling reporters Monday he took the shots in the arm to try to help ensure his newborn baby daughter stays healthy. "To me, it was more of a personal decision with having a baby girl and knowing that… [ad_2] Source link

Chauvin Trial Judge Furious Over Maxine Waters' 'Incitement' Comments

[ad_1] The judge presiding over Derek Chauvin's murder trial is openly chiding Rep. Maxine Waters for seemingly stoking unrest over the case ... and even said she's opened the door for Chauvin to appeal the verdict. Defense attorney Eric Nelson brought up… [ad_2] Source link

Bryce Hall Sued for Bar Brawl, Allegedly Motivated by Racism

[ad_1] Bryce Hall and his boys are getting sued for throwing down in a Mexican restaurant in L.A., and one of the owners thinks they swung on him because he's a Mexican immigrant. Hernan Fernando is the co-owner of Cinco, and says Bryce and 3 other guys,… [ad_2] Source link

Tesla Autopilot Program Should Continue Despite Fatal Crash, Says Sandy Munro

[ad_1] Renowned automotive engineer Sandy Munro believes it would be criminal for Tesla to hit the pause button on its self-driving car technology following a fatal crash this weekend ... because it's still doing way more good than harm. The "Munro Live"… [ad_2] Source link

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